The Center for Increased Consciousness

Our goal is to bring together a group of "spiritual explorers" to create and luxuriate in a powerful "peak state" of energy. Our proven technique is a meditative conversation during which we need only follow a few simple guidelines. The ensuing state of enhanced group consciousness allows each participant to feel more of him/herself while tuning into the interconnectedness of everyone and everything. Past participants report feeling "bathed" or "marinated" in Love.

Increased Sensitivity, Consciousness & Awareness

Introductory Session Now Open!*

According to Dean Radin, author of The Conscious Universe, "focused consciousness implies something different from ordinary consciousness. Focused, coherent states of consciousness appear to provide clarity to knowing, an organizing influence on perceived reality."

  • This is a 3-hour FREE WORKSHOP held in a private location.
  • To reserve your space, please call The Center for Increased Consciousness. A donation of $25 is requested to cover costs.
  • This learning experience is presented in service of the ONE as a gift of healing for every member of the group.

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or Call 800-643-2035 and Leave Your Contact Information

(*Location: L.A. Westside...Call For Details)

The Center for Increased Consciousness is currently focusing on efforts to help people learn to be more conscious, more aware of their connection with the Universe. We accomplish this using both individual and group processes: