About the Center's Director

About Rayni Joan,

CIC Director

Rayni Joan, Director of the Center of Increased Consciousness, holds a B.A. from Barnard College and a Masters in Education from Temple University. She also holds a Minister of Spiritual Counseling degree and a Minister of Divine Wisdom degree from the New Interfaith Seminary, in New York City, as well as an advanced certification in Pysch-K.

She also has a deep understanding of astrology and is an experienced relationship coach.

As Director of the Center for Increased Consciousness, Rayni has been facilitating consciousness groups both nationally and internationally since 1995, in such diverse settings as corporations, intentional communities, and alternative learning/healing centers, including the New York Theosophical Society, the World Business Academy and IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences).

The group process she facilitates has been successful in helping corporate decision-makers reach rapid consensus and develop new products. It also can be useful in building cohesion and performance within a sports team, or helping individuals and couples resolve conflicts, raise their consciousness, and increase their overall health and well- being.

Rayni has successfully offered the process. both at introductory and advanced levels . in half-day sessions, weekend workshops, week-long training programs, and continuing weekly explorations. Formerly based in New York and later Asheville, NC, she is now offering the process throughout the greater Los Angeles area.