Our Natural State

All of us are born of the Earth, and of the Universe. Yet from the first moments of our existence, events and other people - along with cultural forces and even some religious sects - seek to separate us from Mother Earth and the rest of the Universe.

Higher consciousness is an important pathway back to the awareness of our interconnectedness with everything and everyone. In experiencing this connection, and learning to live with it, we transform our lives Imagine living with a strong, personal awareness of your place in the Universe, and with an unshakable knowledge of the patterns that can be found in the ordinary unfolding of events.

Think of the confidence and security you would enjoy if you had objective evidence that your actions were aligned with the forces of nature, rather than opposed. How much happier would you be when your plans and actions fit neatly into the trends and developments that continually surround you?

Higher consciousness is the simple, steadfast awareness of the people, things, and forces swirling around you, and how beautifully you fit and flow with the overall pattern. You were born with a strong connection to all there is, but along the way you lost at least a portion of it.

Now you can reconnect, easily and for the rest of your life.