Better Health and Appearance

New wounds occur regularly, just from everyday activities. Old wounds may not be fully healed. Increased consciousness allows you to access these wounds and - in some cases, with the help of individual and group intention - release them immediately. If a wound requires continuing attention for total healing, one or more individual sessions will help you work through your "stuck" patterns and direct your personal energy toward a more creative, productive and happier life.

Increased consciousness tends to penetrate all the way in to the deepest parts of our "self," and all the way out to our skin and beyond. People who have increased their consciousness tend to radiate a greater degree of translucence and to look years younger than before. In one group, we all watched a man in his eighties transform and shift his appearance until he began to look and feel like he was seventeen! Age changes are rarely that dramatic, but as increased consciousness allows our inner radiance to pour through, the usual signs of age are simply not present on our faces. We look and feel gorgeous!