Better Relationships

The Key to a Happier Life

How many times have you been afraid to express a feeling?

Perhaps your partner at work or at home has hurt your feelings, but - rather than communicating honestly - you hold back what you are really feeling. Each time you do this, you create a gap between you and that other person. Eventually these small gaps become a yawning chasm that makes attempts at a close relationship unnecessarily painful. In our sessions, we learn to communicate directly and honestly, which strengthens relationships rather than weakening them.

A number of participants, particularly those who have experienced the process several times, report a surge of positive, enjoyable, productive communication experiences. The increased energy associated with higher consciousness clears away the clutter from our minds and allows us to tap into the world around us and the people in it. You learn to keenly observe what others are thinking and feeling, to understand and accept your own deepest thoughts and feelings, and as a result to receive and transmit these ideas, thoughts, and feelings more accurately and effectively.