Group Processes

We side-step the usual approaches that rely on charismatic leaders, various aspects of dogma and belief, and even special substances or rituals.

Instead, we use simple exercises and a conversation focused solely on attention itself to leverage your individual energy, and others', into a dynamic collective, empowering, and loving experience.

During the group experience, and afterwards, people report they feel heightened relaxation, increased well-being, and stronger interconnectedness. Some people say it feels like "marinating in love."

Most meditation - both solitary and group - is individualistic. That is, it stops short of establishing and sustaining deep connections with others. People are left essentially alone in their meditation. Our sessions, in contrast, create a safe space for individuals to join their hearts with others' hearts for group interactions at a higher level of consciousness.

Within our sessions, the ego willingly steps into the background. No one person dominates. Everyone respects everyone else and listens openly. The higher level of consciousness infiltrates every member and becomes the central activity.

Because everyone is equally present, we sometimes call these sessions "leaderful" instead of "leaderless". People who seldom share their observations, ideas, or feelings in ordinary groups usually find they can share easily, effortlessly, and deeply in our multi-personal sessions.

(Please know that the moment you sign up to participate, the group "merkaba" or energy field begins to build. Should you suddenly withdraw or simply not show up, the remaining group members experience the loss of the energy you have been contributing. Therefore, it's crucial that you honor your commitment to participate. We count on you!)

While we are proud of this growth path, we realize it may not be for everyone. Our introductory session gives you the opportunity to experience our process and decide whether you like it. If you wish, you may choose to continue and go even deeper.